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Physics Applets in HTML5

This page contains links to physics applets that I and others have created to work in HTML 5. These applets will work on any browser including those used on iPads, iPhones and Android devices that support HTML 5.

These applets are inspired by the PhET applets.

Mystery Box
Picture of Mystery Box applet

Newton's Second Law
Picture of Newton's Second Law applet

Pushing a Block
Picture of Pushing a Block sim

Standing Wave on a String Modifying Applied Tension
Picture of Standing Wave sim

Modified from Andrew Duffy's Standing Wave on String.

Another simulation by Andrew Duffy useful for NGPET

Drag Force
Picture of Drag Force applet

Centripetal Force
Picture of Centripetal Force applet

Reflection from a Mirror
Picture of reflection ray diagram applet

Refraction by a transparent block
Picture of refraction ray diagram applet

Simulations by Keith Warren, NCSU for use with NGPET
  • Free Fall:

    Simulate dropping a ball with different values for g and observe the velocity and displacement graphically.
  • Magnetic Poles:

    Move a magnet near other magnets to determine which magnetic pole is marked with the dot.
  • Combining Magnets:

    Align multiple magnets and observe changes to the total field based on number and orientation of magnets.
  • Circuits and Energy

Thin Lens Simulator - Cartesian System
Picture of thin lens sim

Thin Lens Simulator - Gaussian System

Note: These are a slight modification of:

Andrew Duffy's Original Thin Lens Simulator

Minkowski Space-Time Diagram
Picture of space-time applet

Special Relativity Lorentz Transforms
Picture of Lorentz applet

Related sim: Wolfgang Bauer's Relativity - Twin Paradox sim ( Link to original source )

Additional HTML5 Simulations

In case you want to use any physics simulations in your classes, here are links to some great HTML5 simulations

Some useful HTML5 resources:

  1. Creating Interactive Web Simulation using HTML5 and Javascript by Dan Schroeder (good list of resource links here.)
  2. Creating Physics Simulations for Smartphones, Tablet Devices, and Computers in HTML5 Wolfgang Bauer, Michigan State University (another good list of resource links here.)
  3. Introduction to Programming the HTML5 Canvas by Elaine Blomeyer
  4. HTML5 ROCKS Case Study: Auto-Resizing HTML5 Games by Derek Detweiler

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