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Conferences and Talks

This page contains lists and links to conferences attended and talks I have presented.

UWW Physics Teachers Lunch Group

Invited Talks

Conferences, presentations, and participatory events that I have recently been involved with:

AAPT American
Association of Physics Teachers

American Physical Society logo

CSUN logoCSUN Center on Disabilities

Closing The Gap: Computer Technology in Special Education and Rehabilitation: '96, '97.

DaVinci Days.

ICADInternational Conference on Auditory Display

IFIP logoIFIP'98 World Computer Congress

I received a FOCUS travel grant to attend and presented the poster "Audio and Haptic Access to Math and Science: Audio graphs, Triangle, the MathPlus Toolbox and Tiger Printer".

ITEC logoITEC'98 Portland

I displayed some of the Science Access Project research projects at Oregon State University's booth.

OSU Graduate Student Conference:

Pacific Northwest Association for College Physics:

PTEC Logo Physics Teachers Education Coalition

Workshop Physics LogoUniversity of Oregon 1998 Summer Seminar: Teaching Introductory Physics Using Interactive Teaching Methods and Computers.

I presented this paper produced at the seminar: An Investigation of Accessibility Issues with the Programs, Labs, and Equipment Utilized in the Interactive Teaching Methods for use by Disabled Students.

WAPT LogoWAPT - Wisconsin Association of Physics Teachers

For a list of published papers, please see my Research page.
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