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Picture of 3D printed map
3D Printable
Tactile Learning Objects

Picture of Newton's Second Law applet
Physics Applets

Picture of Newton's Second Law applet
Virtual Lab

ALB picture
"Anatomy of a
Light Bulb" kit

Picture of 3D printed map3D Printable Objects for Learning Physics and Science, including Braille Slate and UW-Whitewater Campus map.
html 5 logoPhysics Applets in HTML5
Slideshow Pictures from my 2012 Sabbatical to Hebei Normal University, Shijiazhuang, China.
Picture from China2011 UWW Exploring China Travel Study Slideshow These are pictures from the 2011 UWW Exploring China Travel Study trip to China. See the linked page for more information as well as slideshows.
Picture from ChinaSlideshow of my 2012 sabbatical in China These are slides from my time at Hebei Normal University in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China. See the linked page for more information as well as slideshows.
Satellite picture of arctic iceThis 1-minute slideshow reveals the approximate minimum sea ice extent which occurs around September 15 each year. (For data and graphs see the National Snow and Ice Data Center.) The movie shows satellite data for the years from 1979 to 2011 and were taken from the The Cryosphere Today Website. I used iPhoto and Quicktime to create the slideshow. 1979-2011 Minimum Arctic Sea Ice Slideshow
Picture from the DVD showing the detector apparatus.I created a Neutron Activation and Radioactive Decay Experiments DVD for use in schools and class laboratories. This DVD contains several neutron activation experiments and decay data. I recently converted the DVD to a Web page so the experiments and videos are accessible to anyone interested in using this lab resource.
H shellHere are a few examples of shell structures for the Hydrogen atom that I constructed for the Paradigm 6: Central Forces course at Oregon State University. These were made using Maple.

MatLAB information and example scripts

Other Items:

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