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Hydrogen Atom Examples

Examples of Hydrogen Atom Shell Structure.

These were created when I was a graduate student TA for the Oregon State University Paradigms Project. I'm mentioned in a Physics Today paper Paradigms in Physics: Restructuring the Upper Level, Corinne A. Manogue and Kenneth S. Krane, 2003 and one frame of these movies showes up in Integrating computational activities into the upper-level Paradigms in Physics curriculum at Oregon State University, David H. McIntyre,a Janet Tate, and Corinne A. Manogue, Am. J. Phys. 76 (4) 2008

5f Example: n = 5, l = 3, m = 3

5f Example: n = 5, l = 3, m = 2

5f Example: n = 5, l = 3, m = 1

5f Example: n = 5, l = 3, m = 0

5f Example of linear combination of states for: n = 5, l = 3, m = 2

Here is the Maple V file used to create these images: PROBDENS.MWS.

Note: These movies show the probability density as color for a shell of a particular radius about a hydrogen atom. A far more intuitive representation can be seen (and played with) using the excellent Atom in a Box program.

Created by Steven Sahyun

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