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  1. Use the wires in the upper right to connect the battery, switch and lamp.
  2. Press the switch button to verify that your circuit is wired correctly (the lamp should light if so).
  3. You are at Step 11 of the activity. Click Bulb Energy to add the energy chart and run the simulation again. The switch will automatically turn off after 10s.
  4. For Step 12 of the activity you will need to click Battery Energy to add the energy chart for the battery.
  5. You will need to watch a video of the simulation for Simulator Exploration #2
  6. Come back to this simulation for Simulator Exploration #3
  7. Click add Gencon. This is a handheld generator
  8. Connect the wires and verify that the bulb lights when cranking. Note that you only need 2 wires for this experiment.
  9. Now add the Gencon/Bulb Energy Chart
  10. Due to the slackness of your instructor and the fact that there were only so many hours in the day and this whole basketball tournament, Step 5 is not part of this simulation. However, I think you have a pretty good idea of what will happen. Call me over to your group when you have an idea and we will chat briefly to confirm or correct your thinking.

Keith Warren
Department of Physics
North Carolina State University