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The overall goal of the 3D Objects for Physics Accessible Learning (3D OPAL) project is to make physics, math, and science more accessible for students by creating 3D printable tactile learning objects to help students with visual disabilities and for students who would find tactile objects helpful when learning physics. Our research question is: How can physics concepts (such as a pulley system, Gaussian distribution or lever) be represented in a way that meets the needs of all students learning the concept? Our method has been to develop 3D printed objects so that students with visual impairments can use these items to successfully understand each concept alongside their peers.

This site contains downloadable 3D printable objects for learning physics, math and science for students with visual disabilities. These objects may be freely used and distributed with appropriate credit, and the .stl files should work with most 3D printers.

Click Here for List of Tactile Objects to Download, Print and Use.

Introductory Videos Describing the project and 3D Printing

Overview video describing the purpose of this project and how to use and download objects on this page. [4 min.]

Direct video link: https://youtu.be/5EgqlctXAU0
This video was created by Christopher Marshall, (Chris Chross Productions), Physics student at the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater, August 2015.

2017 Fairhaven Lecture: This is a talk by Steven Sahyun introducing 3D printing and science accessibility [48 minutes]:

Beyond Boundries: 3-D Printable Tactile Objects to Aid in Science Understanding

image from video of talk
Fairhaven Lecture, March 6, 2017

from University of Wisconsin Graduate Studies on Vimeo.

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