Physics 489 Spring 2006

The general format for the week will be small group tutorials on Wednesdays, Laboratories on Thursdays, and Homework due on Fridays.

Tentative Schedule*:

* I reserve the right to modify this schedule if necessary.

Week Date Physics Topic Seminar Topic In Class Activity Activity Due
          Before Class
1 19-Jan-05 Course Overview Effective Technical Presentation Presentations   None
2 26-Jan-05 Classical Mechanics Multimedia Presentations Tips and Tricks for Presentation Prepare a Bad PowerPoint Example
3 2-Feb-05 Classical Mechanics Scientific and Technical Literature Searches In class search Choose article topic before class
4 9-Feb-05 Optics and Waves (No PPT presentation) Journal Club 10 minute PPT presentation on article PPT presentation
5 16-Feb-05 Optics and Waves Proposals   Come to class with an idea for an SPS undergraduate research grant
6 23-Feb-05 Electricity and Magnetism Effective Scientific Writing Critiquing some examples of scientific writing 2 Papers to read
7 2-Mar-05 Electricity and Magnetism Peer Review Panel discussion Proposals due Tues, Feb 28 at 4:30pm
8 9-Mar-05 Atomic Physics Grad School Search: Resources and Reconnaissance   Identify five graduate programs that sound interesting to you
9 16-Mar-05 Atomic Physics Job Search: Resources and Rconnaissance   Identify five jobs/companies that you are interested in
10 23-Mar-05 Special Relativity Applications, Interviews and Resumes    
11 30-Mar-05 Spring Break      
12 6-Apr-05 Quantum Mechanics Web Publishing   Job Search Documentation
13 13-Apr-05 Quantum Mechanics Scientific Ethics   Watch "Contact" before class
14 20-Apr-05 Thermo & Stat. Mechanics Beyond Whitewater: Alumni Experiencs    
16 4-May-05 Advanced Topics Wrap-Up   Website design complete
Finals 13-May-05 Final Exam      
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Updated: January 17, 2006